Psychic Readings

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Debbie Ritter

April 27th, 28th. May 11th, 12th. June 15th, 16th.

Debbie is a gifted intuitive who brings the perspective of her long-term spiritual practice to every reading. Primarily an Akashic Record reader, trained extensively by Linda Howe, she helps clients see their lives from the level of their souls, and facilitates greater clarity and healing. She also works with Tarot to address specific questions.  Her schooling as an intuitive career and grief coach is integrated into her work, and offers practical tools for clients to use in their daily lives.

Contact: (360) 504-2398 



April 11th, 12th, 13th, 25th.  

May 10th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 23rd, 30th, 31st.

June 1st, 6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 21st,27th, 28th.

“There is no Death, only a change of worlds” – Chief Seattle

Astrology/Numerology: As an Archetypal Astrologer he does in-depth transformational Astrology/Numerology consultations.  He analyzes Natal, Progressed and Lunar Return charts.  His goal is to help you maximize your potential on your Soul’s Journey and to help you live your authentic self.  He will answer any questions you may have about life direction, events in your life, and so forth.

Mediumship:  The above quote by Chief Seattle of the Suquamish Tribe reflects what has always interested him from the time he was a little boy, and that is Spirits and what happens to us after we move on from this physical life.  This interest has led him to a focus on communicating with Spirits and relaying messages to people from their loved ones who have moved on to the other side and spirit guides.  Service to Spirit and helping heal relationships, which is the goal of Mediumship, across realities is part of his life purpose.  He does individual Mediumship readings and conducts Seances.

He also is a Certified Meditation Teacher and a Certified Reiki Practitioner, specializing in Animal Reiki. 

Contact: (607) 280-8262  


Joanne Clarkson

April 6th, 8th. May 25th, 26th. June 22nd, 23rd.

Joanne's readings are geared toward helping seekers identify and pursue their true path and purpose in this lifetime.  She has practiced Mediumship since she was a child, taught by her grandmother, psychic Esther Monson.

What is a Palm Reading Like?  Each person's hands map a lifetime.  They reveal personality, challenges and talents, as well as history and wonderful possibilities.  Joanne reads not only the lines on the palm but also the shape of the hand, thumb, individual fingers, and special markings.

What Does a Tarot Reading Do?  Tarot cards hold powerful symbols that spark intuition.  Joanne uses this tool to find out what is going on in the client's life now and how they might create a fulfilling journey in the days ahead.  A Tarot reading may well transform how clients see themselves and their world.

A Bit About Joanne:  Joanne worked as a professional librarian for years and re-careered as a Hospice RN after caring for her mother.  She is now retired and lives with her husband in beautiful Port Townsend, where she concentrates on Mediumship, writing, and being a Grandma.

Contact: (360) 701-2030



Michael Brahier

April 20th, 21st. May 4th. June 29th, 30th.

Michael is a student and teacher of esoteric spirituality. He is a Tarot reader, Akashic Records reader, a Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner, an Evolutionary Astrologer, and a psychic medium.

He is devoted to seeking meaning and healing for all beings. His background of studies in Shamanism, Jungian Depth psychology, Western Ceremonial Magick, Eastern Mysticism, and embodiment practices help him bring a grounded and well-rounded approach to his work. 

Contact: (850) 625-5723


Sharon Hoyer 

May 19th. June 8th, 9th.

Sharon's healing offerings include tarot readings, medical intuitive sessions, heart walks and cord cuttings.  

She invites you to experience the blessing of deep listening and guidance from Spirit. Her prayer is to be "out of the way" so that her guides and allies can direct the session.

Sharon uses Tarot as a symbolic tool. The cards initiate a conversation that helps bring clarity and creative solutions to questions about your life. Her Tarot training has been with Shaina Noll, a gifted reader, and creator of Life Path Profile .

The psychic and intuitive offerings have been developed as a student and teaching assistant for Char Sundust in Seattle. Sharon graduated from an intensive three-year training with the commitment to carry on this good work in the world.

May all beings benefit from these sessions.  May all be well.

Contact: (360) 821-2824


Randelle Hamm

April 14th. May 5th. June 17th.


Psychic Intuitive Akashic Record Reading

Randelle has the ability to retrieve knowledge from the Akashic Records in a way that allows you as the recipient to feel your authentic soul nature. She provides a safe, healing environment and is fully present and attuned to her clients. Randelle has been accessing the Akasha throughout her life and learned her current reading technique from Clairvoyant, Jenny Jo Allan.

What is an akashic reading like?

Akashic readings are an opportunity to tap into the infinite knowledge of your personal journey. Each reading is unique and informed by the question/intention laid forth. Readings are empowering, healing and an excellent way to regain direction and equilibrium during times of transition, questioning & curiosity . The wisdom she retrieves is clear and easy to apply to your life.

About Randelle

Randelle is a Mother of daughter's & co-owner of Blujay Kombucha. She {s passionate about kindness, connection, creativity, empowerment and community.

(360) 920-9289